I’m glad november is done as it’s a hard month for me, especially when the rain never seems to end. The studio helps me get through the first of the three dark months. Even on the dullest day, I can easily spend hours working with glass, pulling pieces from my bins, cutting and fitting and be completely oblivious to what’s going on outside my studio window. Now it’s december and I will continue to work in my studio but already I am feeling more up as the big day in December creeps closer–which for me is the 21st.

And a few days ago, something else happened that cheered me up. I got Potagerway back from the hackers. I won’t go into details except that I did not expect to see it again but thanks to the generous efforts of someone, my website was restored. To scroll through the web postings and pictures of the garden makes me excited to start planning for 2017.

So not much is happening in the garden right now but once again I will post a picture of Lavendula multifidia which thrives in the PNW fall. This picture was taken a month ago but the lavender was still going strong when I dug it up two days ago, as we are expecting a cold spell.  Although it is a tender plant, it handles being dug up, potted up and placed in the cool greenhouse for the winter.  After the last spring frost, a light prune and then back into the ground.  Lavendula multifidia does not have a pleasant scent and some may think it’s a bit unruly-although I like that-but the flowers are a bright blue and an interesting shape, and are plentiful.Lavendula multifidia

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