The spiders have been busy! And so have I. However, unlike the spiders, I have been busy in the kitchen processing the garden’s bounty. For awhile I just could not keep up and then it all suddenly came to an end when the weather turned cool and wet. The tomatoes succumbed to late blight, the squash and cucumbers gave up to mildew and the beans just plain didn’t care anymore. Usually summer doesn’t end quite so quickly here, but it was a long dry summer so we can’t complain too much. And for some folks, the cool, wet weather may be what they need for their gardens. Regardless, the important thing now is to get out into the garden when the sun does shine or at least when there’s a break in the rain and start hauling down those tomato plants if you haven’t already done so. Dispose of the plants-but not into your compost. And don’t stop at the tomatoes, clean everything up: the netting, the scraps of wood holding things in place, stakes, clips, empty pots. Even if it’s just a bit of cleanup at a time, your garden will look better for it and your garden stuff will benefit from being put away. Then plant a cover crop if you like, or haul in a load of manure if you have access to some and tarp it for the winter. And then think about what was good and what was not so good about this year’s garden. But remember every year is different, so if something failed this year, there’s always next year. Try it again.

My dog doesn't care about the pumpkins now, but he will enjoy a bit once they are cooked.

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