It is almost impossible to get the numbers right when it comes to planting vegetables, especially the cool season ones.  That little sprinkle of lettuce seeds germinates into 50 plants.  Even if half of them grow on, that’s still a lot of lettuce.  Whether or not you get to eat them all depends partly on the weather.  A cool, wet spring means lots of salads whereas a sudden heat wave  often spells an end to salads.  This spring and early summer were wet and cool for us and we were enjoying bumper amounts of peas and lettuce.  Excess peas are easy to take care of, except for the snow peas.  I don’t grow a lot of them, but they still outnumber our needs and end up big and lumpy.  Fortunately, there’s a member of our household who will take them anyway he can.


Bolted lettuce is a bit harder to get rid of.  The girls aren’t crazy about it, as they would much rather have kale, sorrel or comfrey, but they will pick away at the lettuce if I hang it in their pen.

I think I always go overboard with the spring planting because I am just so excited by the prospect of things growing again.  After that initial flush I do become more conservative.  I am now planting just a few lettuce into shady corners so that they stand a chance when the next heat wave hits.

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