Lately I’ve been looking at my garden and thinking how small it is. Even while acknowledging that this is an affliction that hits me every now and then, especially in the winter and early spring, I walk around looking for expansion space on my property. But then I will be reminded of how hard I work to process all the produce and herbs that do come from my existing garden. Like tonight we had our evening plans cancelled-which included supper out-because of the snow, so we quickly settled on a pasta meal.  That meant into the pantry to pull a jar of tomato sauce from the shelf along with an onion and a garlic from last summer’s garden. Then from the spice drawer, dehydrated oregano and parsley also from the garden.  Allowed to simmer for a bit, it became a great sauce with that still fresh tomato flavour and I thought of the 200 pounds of tomatoes I had skinned, cut, drained, simmered for an hour or so then froze or canned. That was a lot of work. And that was just the tomatoes. More space would mean I would plant more. But what I have keeps me very busy. It is enough garden.

Well, almost enough.

lemon & poppy seeds

After supper I set about making some muffins for the next day. I really wanted bran muffins but we were out of honey, so I thought of the poppy seed I had finally got around to sifting earlier in the day. I also knew that one of my lemon bushes had some beautiful lemons on it. So it was going to be lemon and poppy seed muffins. I grabbed the flashlight and set out in the snow for the greenhouse and returned to the kitchen with a plump lemon. An hour later I had a rack of delicious smelling muffins.

lemon & poppy seed muffins



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