On my walks now, I see the blackberry bushes still offering up a good picking of plump berries.  I’ve made blackberry jelly & jams, baked with blackberries and stuffed bags of berries into my almost overflowing freezer.  Still, I’m tempted to pick more.  To me, blackberries are the finale to the run of summer berries and they require no effort from me-except for the picking, which is not without its hazards.  So if I didn’t get enough of other berries from my garden, I make up the shortfall with blackberries.

In the average garden, it’s difficult to grow enough berries for eating and freezing, however, it’s worth the effort to try for some.  So, like everything else you plant in your garden, grow the berries you want to eat!  Then, keep in mind that they usually occupy a permanent spot in your garden, so choose that spot wisely (strawberries are the exception, but they do stay put for a few years).  Bramble fruit require a bit of space and can grow quite high, so tuck them back a bit.  Blueberries and currants are well behaved and can be put almost anywhere providing the growing conditions work.   Stawberries are a bit untidy after they fruit, but they are such a wonderful berry, that they get the front bed in my garden.   Finally, read a little bit about the growing conditions your berries prefer, because with a little bit of care, they will reward you.

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