New raised beds in the kitchen garden.

I can’t believe it has been a year-to the day-that I last posted.  I did write a blog in the summer but it never made it to my website.  It was a busy year and another hot one which meant continuous watering and shading.  Growing vegetables on bedrock in a very sunny garden-but no winter sun-is a challenge.  For now I will just post a few pictures so I can get back to my gardening books.  The calendar just has to nudge into January and my excitement starts building and I think,  this will be the year…Ha Ha.  No, things will go well and things will go wrong but one thing I am going to do is slow down and make time for just enjoying being in my garden this year.

Just a slight modification was necessary to the side entrance walkway.

All the beds are constructed of 2 layers of 2 x 8 lumber.  In the past I would always construct the beds 4′ wide but now I tend to 2.5′ to 3.5′ wide as I find I use that space more efficiently and that it is easier to tend to plants like tomatoes and pole beans if they are single file in a bed.  And, in order to work around the ‘island’ I have to be flexible.

Working around the ‘island’ has its challenges but also adds something to the garden.









And I also got a second assistant for the garden this year.  She is quite spunky and has no qualms leaping into the beds to see what good stuff there is to eat in them.

My little duck toller loves veggies.

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